Print and Engraving Services

Have you written a piece of music and need it professionally printed?  DHM Publishing has several options:

Printing/Binding Service
If you provide us with an engraved composition (in PDF) form, we will create professionally printed and bound sheet music or music books:

Music may be staple bound or perfect (glue) bound        (recommended for larger books) see examples

Submit a fully designed cover and title page (if needed) or have us design one for you

Music printed on 100% recycled 28 lb text weight paper, 88 brightness.  This paper is an ideal weight, color, and texture for printing music.  Cover stock is 67 lb cover weight.

Finished books available in sizes 9 x 12 and 8.5 x 11.

Engraving Services
If you have a written piece but need it engraved (we use Sibelius), you can submit a paper copy or scanned PDF copy and we will engrave it for you in addition to printing/binding it.

Want more information? See  How Does DHM Printing Work?

Pricing based on specifics of your order.  Contact us ( with your specific needs for a price quote.


Why print/bind with us?

Professional, polished look for your music

Affordable pricing

No minimum quantity


Specialty paper not available at most commercial print shops

Convenience -  submit music files by email & receive your finished books in the mail

DHM Publishing
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